About Us

EC Bio Health Ventures

EC Bio Health Ventures is part of “Elkris” group of business subsidiaries. As a group, our range of products and services include Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Research & Development, Real Estate, and Agriculture.


Who We Are

Elkris Bio-Health

Under Research & Development (R&D), our research and clinical team decided to look into ways to come up with a number of unique products and services formulated with specific regards to the African perspective. We took the time to assemble an R&D team drawn from the UK, India and Nigeria.


Our Mission

Project 1million

We aim to:

Sensitize two (2) million adults across Nigerian, on the growing risk of “sudden Slump” by way of door-to-door BP Screening

Manage the personal BP health of 1million adult Nigerians (each month), through the use of “Elkris Bio Health-Plus”


Our Vision

COBPA INITIATE (Community BP Advocate)

The number of Nigerians living with high blood pressure unawares, is climbing daily at a deadly level. In recent years this has muffed into a new death syndrome on its own. Not much is being done to address this health menace that in most countries is not a matter of life and death. Therefore, COBPA INITIATE is a unique project designed to train and certify 50,000 BP Awareness advocates in the communities in a move to stem the unabated rate of deaths, stroke, and heart attacks due to high BP and Cholesterol.

Our Team

Meet our lovely team

Elliot Omose
Group Managing Director
Christiana Omose
Executive (Group) Director
Ayoola Akomolafe
Assistant General Manager
Jegede Bamidele
Group Internal Auditor
Adeleye Aina
Human Resource Manager
Abiodun Joseph
Aghogho Eruviadje
National Sales Manager
Madurai Mani Iyer
Production Manager

“ After the birth of my last child 2yrs ago, doctor placed me on BP medication. Once I take my medication my BP would normally come down to around 128/80. The first time I used EBP, within 30 minutes my BP came down to 112/70. This continue for days I had to go and see the doctor. He suggested I stay off the prescription and keep with the supplement and let’s see what happens. I did and since then my BP hovers between 115/72 and 125/80. All I do is take one capsule in the morning and another in the evening.

Mrs Okorie

“ The demand of running my business took its toll over the years. My personal doctor put me on BP medication last year. My sister who works at Wuse hospital gave me a bottle of Elkris BioHealth Plus last month for my BP. I came home with it but forgot to do anything with it until few days later. Before going to bed that night I decided to try it out. Normally my BP reading first thing in the morning was usually around 150/90. In the past three weeks, I now record between 123/78 and 128/83 every morning for the past 4wks.

Janet Omotola

“ I had a notable experience from the first time I used Elkris BioHealth Plus. Doctor Patience suggested I try this new supplement as part of my BP management plan. The first day, I took one capsule in the morning and another that evening. The two times I woke up to pass water that night, I was shocked to notice that for the first time in many years I did not need to hold up my manhood in order to urinate. I cannot remember the last time I woke up with an erection. I could not help it, I had to place a call to the doctor. I wanted to know if this was a BP supplement or erectile product. She explained it makes sense because the product must have helped to improve blood flow within my system.

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.. Increased lifespan with supplement ..

EBP Uses & Benefits

antibiotic and antibacterial properties

. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of the ingredients help in inhibiting the growth of various pathogens, and the high vitamin B content in Moringa helps with digestion

Potent antioxidant

Potent antioxidant supplement which decreases the oxidative stress & reduces the incidences of serious health complications.

strengthening the cardiac muscles

Helps in strengthening the cardiac muscles, prevents the heart muscle from ischemic damage, Improves cardiovascular circulation & promotes overall health.

glycemic control

Has a considerable effect in glycemic control. It helps reduce high blood sugar hence offering a great benefit to diabetic patients with hyperglycemia.